Communications for everywhere

We specialize in developing communications products for commercial and industrial environments.


We have a range of communications products designed for high traffic public and private environments and spaces.

Research and Development

With over 20 years of experience in Unified Communications, we build with the future in mind.


We support both direct, wholesale, and ecommerce sales through our partners. We design, manufacture distribute.


We partner with world class manufacturing capability in Asia. From enclosures, PCB boards, speakers, Software and more.

We use technology to integrate to all aspects of your environment.


Unified Communications

At the core of our expertise is Unified Communications, the ability to build the right solution for those difficult jobs.

LMR Integration

Land Mobile Radio forms the core of all public safety communications. We specialize in integrating radio to unified communications.

IOT Integration

The Internet of Things (IOT) offers new ways to provide situational awareness for public safety.