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It is all about the Cost

In product development, particularly developing business products there are many variables to consider if you are going to build a successful product. From product features, maintenance, longevity, and purpose. A quick Google will bring up pages of product design advice that mostly all boil down to 4 key elements of product design ·        Functionality. ·        […]

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Finding Remote Power

Implementing Internet of Things (IoT) devices presents a significant hurdle when it comes to supplying power to remote devices. While battery support is one possible solution, it may not provide continuous power, which is crucial for many devices. Power over Internet (PoE) offers an alternative, but it also has its own set of limitations to […]


Keeping It Simple: Why Reinventing the Wheel Is Overrated

Ever wonder why we spend so much time creating technology solutions from scratch when there are perfectly good ones already out there? You’ve designed a new product and need a way to provide power over Ethernet – instead of designing a whole new power module, why not tap into something that already exists? As makers […]