Implementing Internet of Things (IoT) devices presents a significant hurdle when it comes to supplying power to remote devices. While battery support is one possible solution, it may not provide continuous power, which is crucial for many devices. Power over Internet (PoE) offers an alternative, but it also has its own set of limitations to consider.

Imagine if there was a device that allowed you to tap into the power of existing POE (Power over Ethernet) devices for your own purposes. Well, now you don’t have to imagine anymore because we are introducing the POE Tap. This innovative device not only taps into the power supply of POE devices, but also ensures that the power continues to flow to the intended device. With the POE Tap, you can make the most out of the power available in your POE network.

The Beebop POE Tap is a pass-through device. It provides 12V DC power for all sorts of uses.

For example, this is a wireless trigger for a SIP Talkback Speaker.

Since the SIP Talkback speaker is a POE device, we can easily tap the network cable to get power to the 433Mhz Controller and the Strobe Light. No Additional wiring needed